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A new solution for your business, a new way to manage and communicate within your company.

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What is Governance.Business?

Governance.Business is a solution designed to help companies govern and manage their strategy, goals, priorities, processes, and people related to strategy planning and execution, from portfolio management to project execution to resource optimization. Governance.Business is a consolidated platform that aims to offer end-to-end governance capabilities to plan and execute an organization’s strategy.

What is the purpose of Governance.Business?

The market is more and more demanding and companies need integrated solutions to support and improve their processes, data and the collaboration between all departments and teams. Governance.Business is the result of years of research and experience in implementations in different vertical sectors. Our goal was to build a solution enterprise-oriented, efficient, effective and improving user experience for an easy adoption.

Governance.Business distinguishes itself from other tools by offering a set of pre-made solutions out of the box, which facilitate the adoption of the platform as well as offering instant value to the organization.

PFM - Portfolio Management  Process Best-Practices including portfolio management (product, service and project portfolios), idea management, project management methodologies, projects controls, financial management, resource management, scoring models for analyzing initiatives and alignment with business goals and priorities. Try our DEMO.

ClearGovernance Solution PMO

PSA – Professional Service Automation - Process best-practices that enables organizations to manage the complete lifecycle of Sell-Deliver processes, gaining full visibility and control on each of its activities. The integrated solution includes Sales Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Resource Management, Financial Management, Time Management, Service Catalog, Service Management and Reporting & Dashboards. Lear more.

ClearGovernance Solution PSA CRM

The InovaPrime’s Portfolio

At InovaPrime Innovation is the fuel of the company. Our company is focused on Research and Development to deliver new and better solutions to the customers.
With Governance.Business, InovaPrime can deliver a complete and integrated end-to-end governance solution for customers. 

If you want to know more about Governance.Business visit the website and try our DEMOS, or send us an Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. with your questions.