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InovaPrime instagramOur team is composed of 30 members, all of them graduated with a bachelor/master degree or finishing their studies.
We are a young team with an average age of 32 years.

Since early that Inovaprime bothered to create bases for professional and personal development of our employees as well as a excelent relationship between the personal and professional life. Thus, in 2012 and 2013 we were rewarded with the award of one of the 100 best companies to work for in Portugal.

We know that a motivated professional is much more productive. We try to provide our employees with all the conditions for them to feel at home. Social events arranged by the company are frequent, and even when working, the team spirit is always present.
We also promote the inclusion of young people in the labour market, providing them with the necessary training to become good professionals.

In addition, our employees have the opportunity to work with premium tools in the area that we operate. 

Most of our projects often require us to be present at clients premises, national or international. This allows us to be in touch with different countries realities and demands from our collaborators the ability to understand the adequate approach for each situation.

We treat mistakes as opportunities to learn, Experience tells us that complex situations are much easier to solve as a team, conjugating different perspectives and knowledge. The management team is always very close and ready to help.

But nothing better than to read some testimonials from current employees of InovaPrime:

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Ricardo Oliveira - Marketing:"I arrived at InovaPrime 5 months ago., I have no doubt that, in relation to the other companies where I worked, it was here where I felt better received, by my colleagues and by my superiors. It is a great company that gathers all the conditions for employee satisfaction. I hope to continue for many and good years."(May 2014)

Diogo Silva – Consultant: "Since I started working at InovaPrime I developed not only my technical skills but also my personal skills, mostly because of the excellent working conditions provided." (January 2013)

Rishie Govinde – Consultant: "Working at InovaPrime is an excellent opportunity to experience different challenges in a relaxed environment that stimulates an attitude focused on results rather than problems. It is also extremely invigorating to work in a healthy work-life balance.
Thank you InovaPrime!" (May 2014)

Paulo Pina - Senior Consultant: "The main difference between InovaPrime and the other companies in this sector is the care it shows for each team member as an individual.
We are not resources, we're companions that seek to reach together their goals, while understanding and accepting that there is more than one valid path to reach them.
This care ends up having consequences in the way we approach our clients, respecting their particular characteristics and working with them as part of the same team." (January 2013)

Telmo Nabais – Senior Consultant: "Work in InovaPrime has many positive aspects, we are a global reference company in analytical services and configuration of a product (HP PPM). We work with several international markets, which also allows us to meet new realities."
The closeness between colleagues and managers is excellent, allowing greater dialogue in solving a problem." (July 2013)